What's New in the Office World

What's New in the Office World


Designing your office, whether at home or inside a public building, is all about designing a fun place to work. Not just a good-looking space. This approach leads the latest design trends the world over.  Accordingly, the design aims to create an environment in which you will have fun to spend the entire day, or even the night!

It's all about a sense of informality, comfort, functionality and sophisticated color palettes! Here are some useful tips and the latest trends how to establish this look throughout the interior design.

Less is More

Simplicity, linearity and purity of shapes can be found in the latest designs of desks, chairs, shelving systems that create a streamlined look. The design aims to express space efficiency and order. Concentration at work can increase productivity. Too many things can disturb. Therefore, the innovative systems that provide order and access to your objects such as books, papers etc. are developing rapidly and implemented throughout offices nowadays. A sophisticated game of shape and optical illusions will be found in Shelving systems. 2017 is all about innovative and functional storage solutions to maximizing the flow of your office

Express Your Creativity

The best way to personalize your office look and to express your creativity these days would be to include DIY projects, pin boards and graffiti walls, where you can display your sketches, pin your favorite images. Ideas are everywhere. Opt for some of the latest design gadgets to bring in some spunk in the room. Display with vintage signs and all kinds of collectibles to make it colorful and fun. It's all about recreating a casual urban look. New modular boards with magnetic surfaces are available in different sizes create a colorful collage that make for an optimal wall art element.

Green is Everywhere

Encountering greenery inside an office, no matter the size, is the latest trend. Green values nside your office is key. Focusing on saving paper, electricity and purchasing Earth friendly items. New planter's designs will be the first eye catching element to notice by your guests. Besides, it's fun to water your plants during your brainstorming moments!

Lighting with Care

LED lighting can also be found everywhere, representing the positive tendency towards sustainability, flooding the open-plan space with natural light. Innovation continues with designs that showcase an incredible range of striking lighting objects with irregular shapes.

Soft and Fluffy

This year it’s all about getting comfortable and sinking into the most welcoming padded seats. For your desk seating, you will find timeless designs with maximum comfort.  The upholstery is soft, removable wraps around and dresses the seat. Such furniture is necessary for anyone who wants to curl up comfortably in these armchairs and spend long hours in the office. For extra comfort, adjustable height desks, treadmill workstations, and "wireless" desks adapt to your

What's New in the Kitchen and Baths

Decorating your "wet spaces" is a challenge on its own. While the kitchen remains the heart of the home your bathroom is your sanctuary. Whetherit is big or small, these are the spaces that deserve the design you love.Check out these trends for an updated and stylish kitchen and bathroom for many years to come.

Accessorizing for Spring

Spring brings lots of fresh spirit into everybody’s homes. When it comes to accessories, this season has a lot to offer as well, with the mixing and fusing of styles, colors and textures. Learn ways to bring a bit of the rich accessorizing SPRING-Y repertoire into your home.

Spring Resolution - Light & Airy

Spring brings a wind of change into our homes. Spring cleaning means spring decorating. As homeowners, we have the opportunity to recreate our own private nest as a place where we can relax and rejuvenate. Resolutions come all year, and now that spring has arrived, here are some useful tips to put up a new airy look and feel and get into the spring mood.

Seasons' Gestures With Spring Pastels

With early spring trends already in stores, it’s hard to resist the pastels dominating this year’s seasonal color palette: bright candy pinks, mineral blues, and rose quartz. This spring, we are going to use pastels to pay homage to the beauty of natural resources, which encourage relaxation, reflection, and wellness, as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. Pastels lead us to unexpected color combinations by creating looks which truly represent the world we live in, both constructed and organic. Here are some of our top pastel living tips to help change your mind about these delicate shades and leave you wanting more.

Identify Your Interior Design Style

Designing a home is a challenge of its own. Creating a beautiful one starts with choosing the right style. There are so many designs to choose from, and making this crucial decision is a bit overwhelming. To commit to the right style, you need to identify your personality and understand what each style is all about. Then you’ll have a match made in heaven for years to come.

Trends in Interior Design 2016

2016 will be an exciting and special interior design year. There are many new themes and innovative styles to be followed-up in 2016. Here is a list of what I believe to be the top interior design trends of 2016 and how they will impact our interiors.

New Year's Design Resolutions

t’s that time of the year again, 2016 is just around the corner-out with the old and in with the new, time to set new goals, think about new plans – from losing weight, and getting in shape, to finding a new job, there is so much to plan ahead. No matter what your plans are, a successful year starts with a home you love. A home should provide a peaceful space to share our lives with others and enrich ours in return!  If you really want to start fresh next year, use December for a head start.  2016 brings unique ideas of design. Try out new trends, consider a new coat of paint or reorganize your bedroom. Take your pick! 

Easy Holiday Decorating Solutions

Isn't decorating for the holidays supposed to be fun? If so, why do many of us cringe at the idea of pulling out our boxes of garland, bows, and lights? Sometimes creating a holiday home can make even the most cheerful person feel like Scrooge. This month, I'm going to share some tips that will make your decorating easier, faster, and more fun.

Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving is about spending time with the people you love, not spending a lot of money on pre-made decorations. You can celebrate the spirit of the holiday by engaging the entire family in some fun decorating projects. 

Fall Mantles

Your mantle is one of the best places to reflect the mood of the season. Here are three very different looks using easily acquired items.

Storing Your Wine Collection

Americans are enjoying wine like never before. As the number of wine enthusiasts grows, many homeowners are looking for ways to store their bottles. From small, custom cabinets to cellars large enough to hold tastings, more people are designing spaces to show off their collections. 

Creating A Stylish Media Room

Let’s focus on remodeling “specialty” rooms and spaces in your home. These are areas that you use for a specific hobby or function. One of the most popular specialty spaces today is the media room.

5 Things To Look For In Quality Cabinets

There are literally hundreds of cabinets out on the market today. With all types of styles, designs, colors, and materials to choose from, it's difficult for any homeowner to make the right choice. Before you make that leap to purchasing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, it's vital that you do your homework first. While the right quality New Jersey cabinets can accent your room, and provide you with years of satisfaction, the wrong cabinet selection can make you become dissatisfied and feel your investment was a waste. Here are a few foundational tips to help you get started.

Why you should use a NJ design professional

In the world of home improvement there are numerous variable that any home owner has to think about. The saying, 'you don't know what you don't know' often applies to anyone who has never done remodeling. The number reason most home owners will attempt DIY projects is to save money. But when you compare the value of professional work to the headache of doing it yourself, then the investment you'll make is worth every penny. There are several viable reasons why hiring a professional designer to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home is the best way to go.


So you've picked out the colors, you've hired your New Jersey Interior designers, and you've decided to even take a couple days off of work. The only thing left to do is to prepare the room for the arrival of the paint crew. Although some of these things can be done by the crew done, it's smarter to do as much in advance as possible. This will save the painters time and help them get the job faster. It will also insure that whatever items need to be moved are done by you, so that the liability is not on the company. This insures the safety of your items. Many companies require that the New Jersey homeowners move and relocate all their items. So here are just a few tips