Decorating your "wet spaces" is a challenge on its own. While the kitchen remains the heart of the home your bathroom is your sanctuary. Whetherit is big or small, these are the spaces that deserve the design you love.Check out these trends for an updated and stylish kitchen and bathroom for many years to come.


White and Monochromatic

The majority's favorite pick is always white. White kitchens and baths effect a fresh and ultra-elegant and contemporary look.

So, for 2017, go for cabinets which are handleless and hydraulic that fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button. Flat-fronted doors and drawer fronts invoke a very sleek, contemporary look. For the appliances, from the fridge to the sinks and taps, the best pick for a white kitchen would be stainless steel finishes integrated within the layout to blend in beautifully with the kitchen design.

The splash back in a dark hue like gray or black make quite the statement feature this year! Far from its traditional tiled origins, it creates a subtle contrasted look. U-shaped spout that stands tall over the sink can instantly attract the eye and we will see many new stand-alone sink designs in the bathrooms.


Go Bold with Color

While going “all white” is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, this is the opportunity to choose one bold color for the cabinets or the sink for a powerful effect. Greens will be presented with brilliant, light shades. Some of the most interesting palettes will include digital colors, glossy surfaces bringing vibrancy and good energy to the appearance of interiors. If your house is all contemporary, this new trend is tailored for you!


Modern and Country

Scandinavian style continues to inspire the world over, recently appearing with a new winning formula – a combination between modern and country style appliances. Apron-front cast-iron sinks come in a variety of colors, add make a timeless focal point to any kitchen and bath. These country style kitchens and bathswill dominate this year with cabinets in light chalky pastel shades, and many beautiful appliances with a nostalgic chic, making your kitchen and bath luxurious than ever.  The combination of styles and eras gives country style an aged look that celebrates the passing of time.


Be Bold with Your Island

The kitchen island design in 2017 will be challenging than ever because this is the place to create stunning geometric combinations between the upper dining surface, the cooking surface, the legs and the storage space. Neutral palette starting from white, through the gray spectrum and up to the end of dark graphite or black will dominate the most contemporary kitchens. Colorful combinations between monochrome tones and different wooden finishes is a major trend.


Black is Back

The dark kitchen and bath is a modern trend. Black appliances, countertops, cabinets, and walls create a striking effect. You can go monochrome for a hyper-contemporary look, or add accents in gold or silver for a subtler effect.

We will see this year many crazy ideas such as black walls that serve a chalk board, a surface for hanging wall planters and even art, right at your kitchen space! 



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