Spring brings lots of fresh spirit into everybody’s homes. When it comes to accessories, this season has a lot to offer as well, with the mixing and fusing of styles, colors and textures. Learn ways to bring a bit of the rich accessorizing SPRING-Y repertoire into your home.

Spark Charm in The Dining Room

Give the dining room table and chairs a thorough cleaning. It's time to replace your dining room tablecloth with something more fitting to the time of year. A new geometric vase, new lighting or just a new basket for fruits.

Splash Color in the Kitchen

There are many colorful kitchen accessories available that can create a fun and energetic place to be. These include coffee, sugar, tea and cookie tins, as well as bottles of olive oil and vinegar made of different materials such as ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal. Spring is a great opportunity to stick with the color you like and select your favorite items in similar shades. Once you place them on open shelves, your kitchen will change in an instant.

Upgrade with Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is definitely more than just a passing trend. It is an old style that has recently become more popular than ever, updated with beautiful and uniquely designed items. One or two accessories can definitely spark a romantic charm in any room. Pinkish or bluish, romantic and handmade — there are so many ways to bring the shabby chic style into the heart of the home.

Refresh Your Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in how we feel. Pleasant, warm lighting is the secret for calming an environment. Use light fixtures that spread warm white light, not cold white.

Bloom with Naturals

Just a few planters at your favorite spot and you’re all set for spring. Dedicate a few minutes for refreshing yourself with a corner garden, right in your own home. Look for outdoor items that can bring nature inside, from sea shells and unique stones to botanically inspired images.

Stick with the Finishing Touches

A tray on the coffee table, flowers in a vase — these are the ultimate finishing touches, which indicate that there is actually a daily routine taking place in a room. These are what make a room complete. To make a strong color statement, even flowers and books should follow the palette parameters. Time to swap out the old rug and update to a chevron area rug, which adds some fun for spring. Bring in some new throw pillows with spring colors, patterns, and florals.

Bring Feng Shui Spirit to the Bedroom

Make sure to paint the walls in soothing colors. If you are painting one wall differently, keep it subtle. Avoid sharp-cornered furniture. Try to take the time and pay attention to figure out what causes stress for you and what calms you down. This will definitely help when organizing your bedroom with Feng Shul in mind.

Add Charm to Your Balcony or Terrace

When it comes to our outdoors, the list can go on and on. Spring days are great for outdoors. There are many ways to transform your terrace into a breezy lounge area. Add small hints of objects from nature: interesting rocks, a small fountain with water, a collection of stones or shells, baskets, small pottery, candlesticks, lamps. 

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