Designing your office, whether at home or inside a public building, is all about designing a fun place to work. Not just a good-looking space. This approach leads the latest design trends the world over.  Accordingly, the design aims to create an environment in which you will have fun to spend the entire day, or even the night!

It's all about a sense of informality, comfort, functionality and sophisticated color palettes! Here are some useful tips and the latest trends how to establish this look throughout the interior design.

Less is More

Simplicity, linearity and purity of shapes can be found in the latest designs of desks, chairs, shelving systems that create a streamlined look. The design aims to express space efficiency and order. Concentration at work can increase productivity. Too many things can disturb. Therefore, the innovative systems that provide order and access to your objects such as books, papers etc. are developing rapidly and implemented throughout offices nowadays. A sophisticated game of shape and optical illusions will be found in shelving systems. 2017 is all about innovative and functional storage solutions to maximizing the flow of your office

Express Your Creativity

The best way to personalize your office look and to express your creativity these days would be to include DIY projects, pin boards and graffiti walls, where you can display your sketches, pin your favorite images. Ideas are everywhere. Opt for some of the latest design gadgets to bring in some spunk in the room. Display with vintage signs and all kinds of collectibles to make it colorful and fun. It's all about recreating a casual urban look. New modular boards with magnetic surfaces are available in different sizes create a colorful collage that make for an optimal wall art element.

Green is Everywhere

Encountering greenery inside an office, no matter the size, is the latest trend. Green values inside your office is key. Focusing on saving paper, electricity and purchasing earth friendly items. New planter's designs will be the first eye catching element to notice by your guests. Besides, it's fun to water your plants during your brainstorming moments!

Lighting with Care

LED lighting can also be found everywhere, representing the positive tendency towards sustainability, flooding the open-plan space with natural light. Innovation continues with designs that showcase an incredible range of striking lighting objects with irregular shapes.

Soft and Fluffy

This year it’s all about getting comfortable and sinking into the most welcoming padded seats. For your desk seating, you will find timeless designs with maximum comfort.  The upholstery is soft, removable wraps around and dresses the seat. Such furniture is necessary for anyone who wants to curl up comfortably in these armchairs and spend long hours in the office. For extra comfort, adjustable height desks, treadmill workstations, and "wireless" desks adapt to your