Fall is here and the changing colors of nature all around inspire us to bring some into the home and enjoy a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Just before the cold winter days begin, this is a good timing for some slight changes in the design of the house. Winter is just about here and so more of our time is spent at home and the light that changes will contribute greatly to the look inside the house. How to achieve the look? You do not have to take over the whole design of the house, it is those little changes in textiles, accessories and window treatments that make a difference. Before you even begin, time to make some order, throw away everything you do not need, rearrange your closet for the winter and make some room for new changes. To kickstart your winter interiors, have a look through this hibernation checklist.



Replace the cotton TV blankets with cashmere or woolen blankets that will add grace and elegance to the seating area. Spread decorative pillows made of velvet, or wool fabrics in the living room, bedroom, TV room, and so on. The cushions provide a feeling of warmth and home,

and if they are made of warm fabric, they are even more pleasant to the touch and warm the users. It is also possible to place large cushions and pillows on the floor so that everyone can enjoy the warm and intimate atmosphere.



Area rugs always add warmth to space and you can buy a rug for the winter, or pull out the big area rug and spread under the table in the living room. If you choose to buy a new one, choose rugs with long hair to sink into, or carpets with warm color palettes that include, burgundy, mustard, and beige, yellow-orange or red wine.


Integrate accessories made of hot and opaque materials, with textures as rough as wood and stone, and not in metallic and smooth textures, such as glass and metal that impart a cold atmosphere. Techniques and materials that are related to heat, such as metalwork or antique furniture can change the whole look in an instant.


We all have an item that we love and ignore from the way it really looks. This can be an old armchair or a rug you have inherited. Consider changing the upholstery to a heavier fabric and send the rug to dry cleaners.

Window treatments are key for a successful fall decorating plan. Whether you choose curtains, shades, blinds or drapes, these are what give a defined cozy personality to the room. Tall white flowy curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor give a light and an airy feel to the living room. The transparent effect takes advantage of natural lighting whenever possible. You can add for the upcoming fall another layer for maintaining privacy. Having two colors of window treatments enriches the décor.

Blinds are the perfect way to create a background for the décor, making it pop out. So if you are looking for a muted window treatment to blend in with the background. Wood blinds can provide excellent insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Wood blinds also effectively add to the fall-inspired look. The natural wooden-like color is especially effective if you are matching your wood blinds with wood floors and trim.


The motif of leaves is recommendable for a fall-inspired home. From new wallpapers on a wall, a wall with leaf prints, or textiles with leaves above the couch can work magic. Add oranges in a bowl or even fallen leaves, fragrant candles in the smells you love, then curl up in the pleasant room and enjoy the cold days still waiting for us.

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