Spring brings a wind of change into our homes. Spring cleaning means spring decorating. As homeowners, we have the opportunity to recreate our own private nest as a place where we can relax and rejuvenate. Resolutions come all year, and now that spring has arrived, here are some useful tips to put up a new airy look and feel and get into the spring mood.

Make an Entrance

Making a fabulous entrance strongly projects the appearance and character of your home. So you might as well have fun getting it ready for your audience! Place a console or a drawer chest that matches the furniture style of your house. Choose different colors of wood not yet used in your home, such as blue, turquoise, or green. This will help give the furniture a unique but connected feeling in relation to the rest of the home.

Rearrange Your Focal Point.

Sometimes simply moving things around a bit will get you inspired! Try a new arrangement, starting with the focal point. If you have a great view of your garden, change the focal point of the room from your fireplace to the bay window. Rearranging furniture is the key to doing this.


Buy decorative baskets to store items that are an eyesore. Look for ways to add enclosed storage in your rooms. Take down some of the artwork and put up new images. Dust the shelves. Put up fewer accessories for a lighter, airier look.

Let Sunshine In

Take full advantage of daylight. Window treatments are key for a successful decorating plan. Whether you choose curtains, shades, blinds, or drapes, these are what give an airy feel to a room. Reconsider window treatments such as roller blinds, which are perfect for maximizing the flow of air and light, since they can be raised to the very upper part of the window, enabling maximum exposure. The look is minimal and clean.

Rediscover Your Possessions

Say goodbye to winter and then gather up a stack of pretty books from around the house in colors you like. Display a favorite spring-inspired collection, reframe your family photos, and refresh with new artworks.

Transparent Window Treatments

Tall, white, flowy curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor give a light and airy feel to the living room. The transparent effect takes advantage of natural lighting whenever possible, which works wonderfully with the following modern décor without attracting too much attention.

Shades of White

You can’t go wrong with an all-white monochromatic space. Introduce different textures and hues —a cream crocheted throw, a pearl white rough-hewn linen sofa, and a nubby rug all add depth to a pure look.

Flower Power

There are many ways to bloom a room. One of them is by reupholstering a chair; a delicate flower textile for an occasional seat will keep the powerful pattern from taking over the room and will keep your room fresh.

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