With early spring trends already in stores, it’s hard to resist the pastels dominating this year’s seasonal color palette: bright candy pinks, mineral blues, and rose quartz. This spring, we are going to use pastels to pay homage to the beauty of natural resources, which encourage relaxation, reflection, and wellness, as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. Pastels lead us to unexpected color combinations by creating looks which truly represent the world we live in, both constructed and organic. Here are some of our top pastel living tips to help change your mind about these delicate shades and leave you wanting more.

Complement with The Right Wood Finishes

Pastel colors blend well with natural materials like wood paneling, wood floors, and rattan accessories. Go for lighter-colored woods such as white oak, bamboo, lighter maple and similar varieties which complement pastel décor. If you are after a bit of contrast, rich cherry wood goes well with pink and peach colors, and mahogany or deep brown-colored stains go well with pastel yellow, blue or green.

Pair for Relaxation

Whether in soft- or hard-surfaced material, the pairing of two pastels brings calm and relaxation. Appealing in all finishes, the engaging combination joins easily with other mid-tones, including greens and purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink.

Here are the trendiest combinations for spring 2016:

  • Rose quartz & serenity blue
  • Iced coffee & hot pink
  • Powdery blue & greens
  • Grays & lilacs
  • Peach echo & buttercup yellow

Incorporate Patterns

You can upgrade a room by incorporating different pastel patterns using throw pillows. The designs will make the lighter tones appear more sophisticated while still maintaining that relaxed, laid-back feel. For the perfect impact, mix polka-dots and stripes, or even different floral patterns.

Mix it Up with a Gray Sofa

Why use one shade of pastel when you can use two, three, or even four? 2016 introduces the most sophisticated pastel combinations. How do you pull the look together? Start with a gray sofa that grounds the whole look. Add different pastel items around and you are all set for Spring!

Add Glam

If you’re sticking to a single pastel color, mix items with glossy finishes to add interest. The glam factor in a living room gives a luxurious feel, transforming a simplistic space into something a little more special. Add in silver or brass for more splash and sparkle.

Stay Minimalist

Spring brings clarity, purity, un-layering, fresh outlooks, and an urge to simplify everything. This is why the pastel look should be minimalized. The key is to clear out items we do not need and further the minimalist look. It’s time to purchase some new items and create a minimalist composition of pastel items that will spark spring right at you own home.

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