It’s that time of the year again, 2016 is just around the corner-out with the old and in with the new, time to set new goals, think about new plans – from losing weight, and getting in shape, to finding a new job, there is so much to plan ahead. No matter what your plans are, a successful year starts with a home you love. A home should provide a peaceful space to share our lives with others and enrich ours in return!  If you really want to start fresh next year, use December for a head start.  2016 brings unique ideas of design. Try out new trends, consider a new coat of paint or reorganize your bedroom. Take your pick! 


Making a fabulous entrance strongly projects the appearance and character of your home. So you might as well have fun getting it ready for the New Year! To achieve a captivating entry, look for a new console and decorate it with your favorite accessories: vases, sculptures, art, a mirror.


Time to reconsider new focal points. That's what a New Year is all about. How about moving your desk to a new location, changing the focal point of your living room from the TV to the fireplace. Moving your bed to the window might give your mornings a new breeze. 


That bar trolley you see in luxurious restaurants has made a comeback and the good news is that you can find some very nice designs for your own home. You can choose one that compliments your style and fill it with all the drinks you love, and accessorize it as you wish. Ice bucket, bottle opener, cork screw, shaker, jigger, design books, flowers in a vase, elegant glass ware and you're all set to host a memorable evening that will wow your guests. 


Well-chosen dining room pendant lighting can change the atmosphere in an instant. The light should flatter the décor and make the best of it. It will take center stage. It's the perfect opportunity to be bold and daring with color and shape.


Tired of those boring white walls? How about putting on a new coat of paint or upgrading with wallpaper for an instant room transformation. Wallpaper has become extremely popular these days. With wallpaper you can incorporate color into your rooms and get the added benefit of pattern. From bold florals to geometric graphics wallpapers can change the whole atmosphere of a room.


Mixed chairs by the dining table is a growing trend we cannot ignore and it's not going to fade. The mix and match is indeed a great look and it can be used across various interior styles —you can easily mix by color, style and many other factors. Use a consistent color palette throughout all of the pieces to achieve a cohesive look. Look for pieces that have similar shapes and ensure that all the chairs match each other by their look and feel.

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