2016 will be an exciting and special interior design year. There are many new themes and innovative styles to be followed-up in 2016. Here is a list of what I believe to be the top interior design trends of 2016 and how they will impact our interiors.


3D Geometry will dominate interiors in 2016 with a fascinating variety of shapes and textures. Wall ornaments and wallpapers will be an area of investigation and experimentation with geometrical shapes. Three-dimensional surfaces will be distinctive features of the living collection in 2016.


A new dimension of colors will be presented with light chalky pastel shades, bringing vibrancy and good energy to the appearance of interiors. Sofas and armchairs in light pinks, mints, and yellows will fill our spaces. The Scandinavian minimalism will penetrate our homes the world over with many new products in soft, chalky colors that recall happy childhoods. Some of the leading European furniture brands like Vitra, The Republic of Fritz Hansen, Mutto and more, are releasing their most iconic furniture pieces in chalky color versions - demonstrating how far this trend has spread the world over.


Decorating with plants is one of the growing trends that make our homes feel cozier and environmentally friendly. From forward thinking designs to innovative ideas the green scene has never been so inspiring. Bringing nature into our homes is not only beautiful, but also a practical solution for growing your own herbs. Indoor vertical gardens and green wall solutions will spread into our homes and balconies, with many surprising options.


From floors to walls, patterned tiled design is at the heart of kitchens and bathrooms. Textured decorative wall panels ideas have been adopted by all the leading design brands, introducing to our homes a colorful ethnic approach with Bohemian flavor. The traditional Moroccan or Mediterranean-style tiles will become more trendy than ever.

In 2016, we will mix and match tiles with different colors and patterns further enhancing the playfulness of this trend. 


Brass, platinum, gold, copper, steel, bronze – in 2016, everything goes together for a super-glamorous room. Just a touch of glimmering metal adds chic and style. The fireplace, the bedside table or console make for great location for metal pieces. Finishes of kitchens and bath include nickel, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel. Plumbing fixtures and appliances take on a silvery attitude, mixed with gold finishes.


From our tableware to the wood of our windows, re-purposing, reusing and recycling is on the rise with new technologies and inventions. Linens and bedding made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials, rugs made of recycled plastic, low-energy lighting systems and furniture made from sustainable materials, like bamboo or organic cotton, just to name a few.


Blossoming landscapes, colorful birds, palm leaves, tropical trees and flowers are designed to bring a little bit of escapism right in your home. This fun trend is filling catalogs with new wall papers, upholstery and curtains.


Scandinavian style continues to surprise and inspire us, recently appearing with a new winning formula - a monochromatic black and white scheme with a combination of wooden furniture. The trend rules the space together with a black and white striped rug. Cushions in different textures of black and white will spread throughout creating the most delightful play of black and white upholstery options.

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