Isn't decorating for the holidays supposed to be fun? If so, why do many of us cringe at the idea of pulling out our boxes of garland, bows, and lights? Sometimes creating a holiday home can make even the most cheerful person feel like Scrooge. This month, I'm going to share some tips that will make your decorating easier, faster, and more fun.

Tree Watering: Instead of squeezing yourself under the branches in order to water your tree, take a trip to the auto-supply store. Pick up an automotive funnel with a long, flexible neck. You can rest the funnel tip in the stand and then easily pour water from a pitcher or cup. It is still a good idea to keep a towel beneath the funnel in order to protect your tree skirt.

Homemade Garland: Stringing popcorn and cranberries with the kids always seems like a good idea until you are knee deep in kernels and broken thread. I suggest skipping the thread and putting waxed dental floss through your needle. Floss is strong and slick, so your popcorn and cranberries will slide on easily. If you pick up some mint flavored floss, the "thread" will even be a holiday green.

Tangle-free Lights: Start collecting cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels. Make a small slit at the top of the rolls in order to secure the plug end of the light strand. You'll find it very easy to wind the lights around the tube. This will make next year's decorating so much easier.

No More Missing Plates: With all of the parties and family get-togethers this time of year, it is common to lose track of some plates and containers. You can help your hosts identify dishes by putting a label on the bottom of each item you bring. Write your name on the label using a waterproof marker.

Hanging Wreaths: Instead of putting a nail in your wooden door, loop decorative ribbon around the top of the wreath and secure it to the top edge of the door with several thumbtacks. This works especially well on doors that close too tightly to support over-the-door hooks. For glass and metal doors, purchase magnetic or suction hooks. You can find them online and in hardware stores.

Happy holidays!

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