A hospitality business design should reflect the culture of the establishment, the style of the clientele, and its location, A professional interior design firm is able to assist the client in designing their spaces in a manner that reflects their brand accurately.  For instance, ensuring that the design plan, furnishings, flooring, lighting, and accessories are the right style and design for the type of business they own, is just the beginning..

if you own a getaway resort, a coastal flavor may be right for you, complete with bright light and comfortable furnishings.  if you own an entertainment establishment, such as a pub or recreational spot, you’ll want to be sure your design is fun and exciting. Conversely, if you operate a historical hotel, your design may need to be focused on historical opulence and grandeur.

Your Lobby Design Matters, But That’s Not All

All hospitality business owners understand that the lobby should be a warm, inviting, and welcoming space that encourages clientele to return.  However, a grand lobby with poorly designed rooms, dining rooms, and common areas will only be a let down for guests after they've checked in. Impress them with great design in every room and exceptional customer service, and you’ll keep them talking about your establishment and coming back forever.  

A professional designer can assist you with the interior design of your hospitality business to ensure the growth of your operation.  J. West Design Services has been designing hospitality interiors since 1996 with expertise and are ready to partner with you.  Call today to see how your business can benefit from professional design services.