Innovative Design for Healthcare Spaces

When visiting a medical facility or doctor, clients often complain about the waiting room.  First impressions are important, and your waiting room is your first opportunity to speak to patients about the quality of your practice.  The right waiting room should be reassuring, comforting and functional all at the same time.   At J. West Design Services Our goal is to help enhance your business’s professional image by creating a space that will attract your clients and keep them coming back.  

We recognize and understand that every waiting room is not alike.  Our designers are experienced in designing all types, ranging from family and pediatric medical practices, hospital lobbies, clinics, and specialized medical facilities.  Call us today and we will help assess your healthcare space, giving you practical solutions that leave your clients with a positive, memorable experience.  

Medical Interior Design Project Management

Most busy medical facility administrators don’t have time to manage a major construction project, which is why J. West Design Services can be an invaluable part of the healthcare waiting room interior design project.  We specialize in project management, handling every phase, from initial concepts to final installation.  We'll hire contractors, order and deliver products and supplies, schedule, and oversee construction and installation. You can rest easy knowing that an experienced professional company is managing your project.