Americans are enjoying wine like never before. As the number of wine enthusiasts grows, many homeowners are looking for ways to store their bottles. From small, custom cabinets to cellars large enough to hold tastings, more people are designing spaces to show off their collections. 

The first step in designing your wine storage area is to decide what you really need. Some people are tempted to create a large wine cellar just because they have the space for it, but this can be a mistake. It is much harder to control conditions like humidity, light and temperature in larger spaces. Also, consider whether you like to drink your wine within a year or two or plan to store it for a decade or more. The longer you plan to keep the wine, the more strict attention you will have to pay to storage conditions.

For the casual wine collector, there are many beautiful storage solutions on the market. However, there is more to consider than whether or not a rack matches your décor. When deciding where to keep your wine, look for a place in your home that stays cool, like a closet or pantry that is not against an outside wall or near heating ducts or water heaters. The wine should stay below 70 degrees. 

Also avoid direct sunlight or ultraviolet light. Light can greatly affect the quality of wine. In order to keep your bottles safe, store them away from vibrating appliances, like your washer or dryer. Finally, always store your bottles upside down or on their side so the cork stays moist and sealed, which reduces oxidation. Oxidation leads to deterioration of the wine, which is why most wine racks hold bottles horizontally. Cheers!

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