Let’s focus on remodeling “specialty” rooms and spaces in your home. These are areas that you use for a specific hobby or function. One of the most popular specialty spaces today is the media room.

Media rooms are a huge trend right now, thanks in part to new plasma and flat screen televisions and the ever-increasing popularity of video gaming systems. However, all of that exciting technology can create a big cluttered eyesore if it is not contained in a properly designed space. To really get the most out of your media room, you’ll want an environment that accommodates your children but still looks sophisticated enough to entertain guests.

Media rooms are looking more luxurious than ever these days. Big recliners are being replaced with modern, comfortable sectionals. Not only do they allow families to snuggle together, their clean lines are more pleasing to the eye. 

The television is the center of your media room, but massive big screen TVs are on their way out. Fortunately, new televisions are no longer boxy. Streamlined TVs can be hung on the wall and even framed like a piece of art. While they may be expensive, these slick TVs are perfect if you want to conserve space. Many furniture companies are now even building consoles that conceal plasma screens that can be raised for viewing. 

Storage is always a problem in media rooms, so custom cabinetry may be your best option. A single unit built into your wall can hold your large television, all of your electronic equipment, DVDs and CDs. If you don’t want to keep your television behind doors, you can frame it in decorative panels that will make the unit look as attractive as a fine piece of furniture. To do this, install removable frames attached with double magnets so you can easily access the entire television when necessary.

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