There are literally hundreds of cabinets out on the market today. With all types of styles, designs, colors, and materials to choose from, it's difficult for any homeowner to make the right choice. Before you make that leap to purchasing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, it's vital that you do your homework first. While the right quality New Jersey cabinets can accent your room, and provide you with years of satisfaction, the wrong cabinet selection can make you become dissatisfied and feel your investment was a waste. Here are a few foundational tips to help you get started.

Say Goodbye to Store Bought

The greatest delusion in purchasing cabinets is thinking that you can go to a department store, purchase home assemble cabinets, and expect them to either look like or last as long as quality custom built cabinets from a professional company. Yes, you'll save money on the front end, but the long term investment is just not there. Believe it or not, you can find affordable cabinets from a reputable cabinet company without sacrificing quality and durability. If you go to the wrong place to purchase cabinets, then it's all downhill from there.

Durable Construction in New Jersey

There are generally two types of quality New Jersey cabinet construction: screws and dowel and groove. The perfect combination of the two will give you well-built, long lasting cabinets. When it comes to screws, less is more. Due to the nature of cabinets and the ongoing day to day use, the areas where screws are implemented into the wood will ultimately weaken over time. This is why dowel and groove is a better options. An experienced cabinet manufacturer will know where the most appropriate areas are for both screws and dowels.

Tight Fitting Joints & Hinges

The most crucial areas of any cabinets are where joints are placed. This usually includes the corners where the wood is assembled or the doors, and this is usually what separates the professionals from the amateurs. True professionals will invest in high quality hinges and joints that do not wear out or create weak areas in the wood. Most hinges will incorporate "soft close" systems that protect both the door and the cabinet. Next time you purchase cabinets, ask the dealer about the details of the cabinet construction.

Drawer Construction

One of the things to remember is that most family members do not know or even think about how to take care of cabinets. This is especially true with children who hang on to doors, slam doors, yank on draws, and abuse cabinets in every manner. The construction of the drawers is the true testing ground for this kind of day to day use. A good company will build or sell full metal box sliding drawer systems that can hold up to ongoing use and abuse.

Quality Panel Surface

When it comes to surfaces there are generally two concerns: First, resistance to stains. Second, fading and discoloring. Cabinets are generally installed in environments that are exposed to chemicals, grease, liquids, food, and, of course, moisture and humidity. Without a protective surface, cabinets will wear out pretty quick. Find out what type of surface a product has before investing in it.

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