Exceptional Window Coverings Design Service

Window Coverings Design in New Jersey

Whether it’s your New Jersey home or business that needs new or replacement window coverings, a design will need to be developed prior to any purchase or installation. Many find it difficult to design a new space, but this is normal unless one has had the education, experience, and talent that makes it easy.

J. West Design Services began interior design in 1996 and is passionate about our service to Residential and Commercial New Jersey customers. We offer you superior results with exceptional customer service every step of the way. Window Coverings Design is just one way we can help you to accomplish a beautiful interior design that you are proud of.

Residential Window Coverings Design Service

Have you ever tried to tackle your own window covering design before? For many homeowners, envisioning the results is near impossible. Even when looking at window coverings placed in a showroom or photographed setting, there are going to be differences once you get them in your space.

Paint color, lighting, carpet color and texture, upholstery, and furniture play a huge role in how those same window coverings will look in your home.

What looks perfect elsewhere won’t look the same with your existing interior design. And the last thing you want is to remedy this by creating a design that looks exactly like what you saw online or at the store just to have the drapes, shades, blinds, or shutters look good.

With our 3-D Virtual Design technology, you can see exactly what your favorite window covering options will look like before you make any final decision. And if you wind up wanting to change a few other things, you’ll have the professional help.

Let us show you how easy it is to have professional design assistance when you want to dress your New Jersey Residential Windows.

Professional Design For Commercial Window Coverings

When you are planning to enhance your commercial windows with new coverings, consider having a New Jersey Interior design professional assist you. With professional advice, you’ll see all the great options in window coverings via a 3-D rendering.

Window coverings in a commercial business need to look good as the aesthetics of the interior should be attractive and appealing. If blinds are the wrong color or look clunky, the whole atmosphere changes. Equally, broken blinds or drapes that need to be replaced only brings down your professional business image.

With the right design, your New Jersey commercial offices or other commercial business will look sharp, professional, and beautiful. Call J. West Design Services to see how we can help you enhance your Jersey business with the perfect window coverings.

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