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Hospitality Interior Design in New Jersey

The type of New Jersey hospitality business you own plays a role in determining what type of interior design will look best and be most appropriate for the space. Having professional help with your hospitality design ensures the window coverings, furnishings, and carpets or rugs look appropriate for the type of business you own.

For instance, if you own a getaway resort, you’ll need coastal flavor and bright, light, and comfortable furnishings. Or, if you own an entertainment business such as a pub or recreational spot, you’ll want to be sure your design is fun and exciting. Conversely, if you operate a historical hotel, your design may need to be focused on historical opulence and grandeur.

A professional New Jersey Interior designer can assist you with the interior design of your hospitality business to ensure the results are exactly what is needed to attract and keep business.

J. West Design Services has been designing hospitality interiors since 1996 with expertise. Call today to see how your New Jersey hospitality business could be enhanced with professional design service.

Your Lobby Design Matters, But That’s Not All

All hospitality business owners already understand that the lobby needs to be design beautifully for a good image. You want guests and potential guests to be attracted to your hospitality business.

But a great, grand lobby with poorly designed rooms and dining restaurant will only be a let down for your guests after they book your services. Impress them all the way around with a great design for every room coupled with exceptional customer service and you’ll keep them talking about your establishment forever.

Bed & Breakfast Hospitality Design

For New Jersey bed and breakfast design, there are many options in style to choose from but all will require a personal, intimate atmosphere for guests. Designing for the New Jersey area involves updating the space no matter the architecture of the home because old designs in flowery blue wallpaper and pink carpeting are out.

You want your guests to enjoy their stay in a comfortable, beautiful atmosphere, so making their guest rooms and shared spaces much like home with a contemporary flair could be what works best.

On the other hand, if you own a historical bed and breakfast, there are ways to design improvements that capture old world style but bring it to this century.

Whatever type of hospitality business you own in New Jersey, J. West Design Services has the expertise to bring you a fresh, appealing interior hospitality design. Let us help you professionally to increase guest satisfaction with a great new design that’s perfect for your establishment.

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