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For nearly 2 decades J. West Interior Design has been helping clients create amazingly unique room concepts that help your home stand out. We provide complete professional home improvement that covers every phase of room renovation. We are a New Jersey certified interior design company with a team of professionals that have several years of combined industry experience. When you partner with J. West Design Services you get the benefit of working with skilled, creative visionaries who can take your vision and turn it into a reality before your very eyes. When you want the best, work with J. West!

Innovative Room Remodeling

Many of our clients know what they want their home interiors to look like, but they simply do not how achieve the path to perfection. This is where we come in. Using our resources, our Summit interior designers, and a proven formula for success, we help you bring every component of your room together from the floor to the ceiling in order to a create a whole room concept that is exactly what you were looking for. We bring out the best elements of your personal taste and style and design a beautifully finished product right down to the smallest details.

Virtual Interior Design

Have you ever wanted to see what your room ideas would actually look like before you begin the project? Using state of the art technology, we offer virtual interior design in Summit that helps you formulate a complete room prior to actual renovation. You can choose colors, patterns, furniture and wall designs, specific products, and put it all together. With this ‘trial and error’ method, it brings all your options right to your fingertips and makes the early stages of room remodeling much easier.

Project Management Service

Launching an interior remodeling project can be a major undertaking that often requires several companies to come in and share responsibilities or subcontract. For most homeowners this is too large a task to juggle it all. J. West Design Services solves this dilemma by offering you project management in Summit. We take care of your entire renovation including scheduling, organizing, hiring companies, project design, delivery of all products, and final finishing. This allows you the benefit of enjoying your new interior without all the hassle of worrying about the details.

J. West Design Products and Services

One of the great benefits of hiring J. West Design is that we can provide a huge network of companies and products that we can show you in order to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. Our products range from furniture and décor, to all types of accessories, wall designs, flooring, lighting, and many other items that are available to you. We offer home remodeling products of the highest quality anywhere in New Jersey.

Event Management

In addition to our design service, we also specialize in event management. Make your next party, office party, or upcoming event a memorable one by allowing us to organize all the details. We can handle all items on your checklist including scheduling, communication, invites, catering, decorations, entertainment, and so much more. You get comprehensive service from our Summit interior designers that allows you to relax and have fun at the party!

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"Jacqueline is a talented, capable professional. She has a well trained eye for interiors and is an organized business owner. This enables her to perform in a timely manner to produce attractive and functional spaces. Jacqueline is also knowledgeable about graphic design and assisted me in re-vamping my corporate Portfolio.
May 18, 2011, Diana L. was with another company when working with Jacqueline at J. West Design, Inc"

| Rated: 5/5

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